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Athletes Guide
Athletes Guide

Hiking and Climbing

Töpfer im Naturpark Zittauer Gebirge - Rene PechThe Zittau Mountains, the smallest and probably also the most beautiful low mountain range in Germany, cover an area of just 50 square kilometres. Yet despite its size, this diverse area contains everything visitors could wish for. For example, the national park is a popular area for hiking and climbing full of volcanic remnants, romantic meadows and sandstone formations straight out of a fairy tale.

The Zittau Mountains are home to 435 kilometres of varied, beguiling trails with differences in altitude of up to 600 metres. They also contain Mount Lausche – the tallest peak in the region with a height of 793 metres. The Lusatian Mountain Trail (‘Oberlausitzer Bergweg’) is 118 kilometres long and affords magnificent views, impressive rock formations, and fascinating narrow valleys.

KelchsteinClimbers are attracted by the over 100 rock-climbing walls with breath-taking views. With more than 1,800 different ascents spanning all levels of difficulty, there’s something for every climber at the Zittau Mountains National Park! The three main climbing areas are Weissbachtal and the two health resorts of Oybin and Jonsdorf. In addition, Oderwitz Spitzberg, a typical peak in the northern foothills consisting of hard phonolite, is a climbing garden for families with children. Other sporting challenges include the Alpine ridge via ferratas at Oybin and Jonsdorf.
For plenty more information about the Zittau Mountains National Park and what you can do there, go to www.zittauer-gebirge.com.

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